Kelp Mulch

Discover our premium Fortified Kelp Mulch, blending organic kelp with island gold mulch for unparalleled plant health and growth. Perfectly screened for aesthetic excellence, our mulch rejuvenates depleted soils, ensuring your plants receive continuous nutrients for 12-18 months. Transform your Landscape today!

$99.00 CAD / Yard


Elevate your gardening experience with our Fortified Kelp Mulch, a premium blend meticulously curated for the optimal health and growth of your plants. Crafted by adding dry organic kelp to our island gold mulch and composting the blend for an extended period, this mulch is a powerhouse of micronutrients.

Designed to rejuvenate tired and depleted plants, our Fortified Kelp Mulch offers a unique blend of essential elements that contribute to vibrant and robust plant life. The incorporation of micronutrients enhances overall plant health and ensures optimal growth.

Beyond its nutritional benefits, this mulch is screened to perfection, providing a polished and aesthetically pleasing appearance to your garden. The superior screening process not only enhances the visual appeal but also reflects our commitment to delivering a premium product.

What sets our Fortified Kelp Mulch apart is its long-lasting impact. Continuously feeding your plants for up to 12-18 months after application, it offers sustained nourishment, reducing the need for frequent reapplication.

Transform your garden into a thriving haven with our Fortified Kelp Mulch—a perfect synergy of nature’s goodness and advanced gardening solutions.

We sell our bulk topsoils and mulches by cubic yard (27 cubic feet), covering approximately 100 square feet at a recommended depth of 3 inches, with a maximum of 8 yards per order at a flat rate in the Greater Victoria area.