Island Gold Mulch

Explore the sustainable choice with our Island Gold Mulch, repurposed from tree waste from our arbor projects. Double-screened for unmatched aesthetics, it offers lasting protection for your plants for 12-18 months.

$69.00 CAD / Yard


Discover the eco-chic allure of our Island Gold Mulch – a sustainable masterpiece crafted from the rebirth of tree waste generated by our arbour projects. This mulch goes beyond mere landscaping; it’s a living testament to environmental responsibility, inviting you to embrace the beauty of nature while tending to your garden.

Each golden particle undergoes a meticulous double screening process through a ½-inch sieve, ensuring an unparalleled aesthetic appearance that transforms your garden into a visual symphony. Beyond its eco-friendly origins and stunning presentation, Island Gold Mulch stands as a fortress, providing a protective shield that nurtures your plants for a remarkable 12-18 months post-application. Choose not just mulch, but a sustainable narrative for your garden – where beauty converges with responsibility, and your plants flourish in enduring elegance.

We sell our bulk topsoils and mulches by cubic yard (27 cubic feet), covering approximately 100 square feet at a recommended depth of 3 inches, with a maximum of 8 yards per order at a flat rate in the Greater Victoria area.