Spring Landscape Clean-Up Checklist: Ensure a Blooming Paradise!

Welcome to the ultimate Spring Landscape Clean-Up Checklist by Garden City Tree and Landscape Ltd! Follow these steps to transform your outdoor space into a thriving haven as winter transitions to spring.


1. Assess and Plan:

  • √   Evaluate your landscape’s overall condition.
  • √   Identify areas needing special attention.
  • √   Plan task sequences for efficient execution.


2. Clean-Up and Debris Removal:

  • √  Remove winter debris: leaves, twigs, and dead plants.
  • √  Clear debris from flower beds, pathways, and lawn areas.
  • √  Rake and dispose of accumulated thatch from the lawn.


3. Pruning and Trimming:

  • √  Prune deciduous trees and shrubs before new growth.
  • √  Trim and shape evergreens.
  • √  Remove dead or damaged branches.
  • √  Cut back perennials and ornamental grasses.


4. Lawn Care:

  • √  Aerate the lawn for improved soil compaction.
  • √  Overseed if necessary for a healthy, thick lawn.
  • √  Fertilize the lawn with a balanced spring fertilizer.
  • √  Check and, if needed, sharpen lawn mower blades.


5. Mulching and Soil Preparation:

  • √   Apply fresh mulch to flower beds for moisture conservation.
  • √   Inspect and amend soil as needed, adding compost or organic matter.


6. Weed Control:

  • √   Apply pre-emergent herbicides to prevent weed growth.
  • √   Remove existing weeds from flower beds and lawn areas.


7. Hardscape Maintenance:

  • √  Inspect and clean pathways, driveways, and hardscape elements.
  • √  Power wash surfaces as necessary.
  • √  Check for damage or needed repairs.


8. Irrigation System Start-Up:

  • √  Inspect and test the irrigation system.
  • √  Adjust sprinkler heads and replace damaged components.
  • √  Set watering schedules based on the current season.


9. Check Garden Tools:

  • √  Clean and sharpen pruning tools, shears, and lawnmower blades.
  • √  Inspect and repair damaged or worn-out tools.


10. Seasonal Flower Planting:

  • √  Plant spring-flowering bulbs and annuals for added color.
  • √  Consider introducing new plants or refreshing existing containers.


12. Evaluate and Plan for Future Projects:

  • √  Assess overall landscape design.
  • √  Plan for potential enhancements or major projects.


13. Safety Check:

  • √  Inspect outdoor lighting fixtures for safety.
  • √  Ensure well-lit, hazard-free walkways.


Completing this checklist guarantees a well-maintained landscape.

Ready to turn your space into a blooming paradise? Let Garden City Tree and Landscape Ltd be your partner.

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