Lawn Blend

Improve your lawn with our Premium Lawn Growth Mix, crafted in-house from superior topsoil and 1-2mm fine sand sourced from our land excavations. Achieve the perfect lawn by applying our expert blend to a depth of 6 inches. 

$60.00 CAD / Yard


Crafted with precision, this exceptional blend is born from the synergy of clean loam and a carefully balanced infusion of 70 percent sand. The result? A soil composition that caters to the unique needs of lawns, offering a harmonious blend of fertility and optimal drainage.

Our commitment to quality doesn’t come at a hefty price tag. The Lawn Blend Soil is a testament to affordability without compromise. Ideal for those seeking a budget-friendly yet premium solution for their lawn care, this blend ensures your grass receives the perfect balance of nutrients and aeration.

Transform your lawn into a lush oasis with the thoughtfully engineered Lawn Blend Soil – where the richness of clean loam and the versatility of sand converge to create a foundation for thriving, verdant landscapes. Choose excellence without breaking the bank, and let your lawn flourish in the lap of affordable, high-quality care.

We sell our bulk topsoils and mulches by cubic yard (27 cubic feet), covering approximately 100 square feet at a recommended depth of 3 inches, with a maximum of 8 yards per order at a flat rate in the Greater Victoria area.