Garden Blend

Embrace sustainability with our Eco-Friendly Growing Medium, crafted from 100% recycled materials. Our blend combines organic waste with premium topsoil, promoting unparalleled growth for trees and shrubs. Experience superior gardening solutions with a commitment to environmental responsibility.

$60.00 CAD / Yard


Crafted by blending our meticulously screened clean loam with a thoughtful mix of sand and organics, this soil composition is tailored for the flourishing beauty of gardens and flower beds.

Immerse your plants in a rich tapestry of nutrients and optimal structure provided by the clean loam, while the inclusion of sand ensures proper drainage. The organic elements introduce a touch of fertility, creating a nurturing environment for your garden to thrive.

Elevate your gardening experience with a soil blend that caters to the specific needs of your plants. Our Garden Blend is more than just soil; it’s the perfect companion for cultivating a vibrant and flourishing garden or flower bed. Embrace the beauty of nature with a foundation that fosters growth and abundance.

We sell our bulk topsoils and mulches by cubic yard (27 cubic feet), covering approximately 100 square feet at a recommended depth of 3 inches, with a maximum of 8 yards per order at a flat rate in the Greater Victoria area.