Every commercial landscape needs regular maintenance to keep it looking good and functioning well but how do you know what needs to be done and the cost associated with that maintenance?

I can guarantee you that three different landscape contractors will provide you with three different prices unless there is a common scope of work. To assist you in obtaining competitive quotes, here is a sample of a scope of work for a typical Strata property:

1. Lawns. How often do you want the lawns mowed? Lawns in Greater Victoria need attention from March to November of each year. We typically allow for bi-weekly lawn attendance for those months when the lawns grow a bit slower and once a week for those months when the growth rate is the highest. Some clients like it mowed weekly for ten months of the year and that is certainly doable but remember, the more attendances required, the greater the cost to you.

2. Flower beds. Are your flower beds mulched on an annual basis? If they are, great, you are doing an excellent job at reduces your ongoing maintenance costs! Proper mulching each year will greatly reduce your annual maintenance expense PLUS the mulch is an incredible benefit for the plants.

3. Irrigation. Is there an irrigation system that needs to be addressed? If there is this cost should be covered off in the maintenance proposal.

4. Trees. Do you have any trees on the property? What, if anything, has been done to preserve their health and value? So many times I see properties where no attention has been given to the trees and they are now beyond salvage. A maintenance plan should cover off the care of the trees.

How can we help you with your maintenance?

At Garden City Tree and Landscape we provide a range of commercial landscape maintenance services to properties throughout the Greater Victoria area. Whether you need a seasonal, one-time cleanup or weekly, commercial strata maintenance, we can help.

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