Why prune your trees? There are several reasons for pruning your trees. Removing dead, diseased and damaged limbs can greatly improve the health of your trees. Shaping and thinning can improve their aesthetic value. Reducing spread and raising the canopy can help preserve infrastructure around the tree. Whatever your reason for pruning, an ISA Certified Arborist can help develop a pruning strategy to benefit both you and your trees.

When should your trees be pruned? Late winter/ early spring is the best time. This allows the longest growing period for tree to begin closing off pruning wounds. That said, the mild climate and minimal winter here in the Victoria area allows for most pruning to be done year round.

How much can be pruned? As a general rule, no more than 25% of the live growth should be removed in a single season. This allows the tree to retain the canopy it needs to sustain itself and recover from the pruning. As well, the top of the tree should never be removed, this alters the natural structure of the tree and results in future instability from irregular growth.

How do you know what to prune? An ISA Certified Arborist is trained to assess your trees and determine what they do and do not need. This can involve identifying potential decay, pathogens or other diseases that could affect the health of your trees.

Garden City Tree and Landscape’s dedicated arborist crew is happy to assist you with all your pruning needs!