At Garden City Tree & Landscape, we complete our work with the environment in mind. We are aware that every landscape we create has an impact on the environment around it including the earth, people and pets. That is why we work to build and maintain projects for our clients in a way that is healthy for all those that are impacted by it. We do this in many ways from the products we use, our process for repurposing materials to the way we manage our business.


We believe in adhering to proper maintenance methods and using mulch to reduce weeds and therefore, the need for pesticides. On the rare occasions when pesticides are required, we use environmentally- friendly products such as those created by Eco Clear.

These stumps create great hiding places in a natural playground. The ferns also provide camouflage.

Repurposing Materials 

Our client’s projects often include the removal of existing plant and tree material to make room for construction and new plantings. Any wood waste from a job is repurposed as either firewood which is donated to charities or used in one of our natural playground projects.

Any soil materials are brought to our work site and are screened with our trommel and separated into piles as usable product such as our aggregate and soils. They may also become part of our certified mulch which is used by our crews in other projects and is available for sale to the public.

Items such as wood, rebar and planting pots removed from a client job are repurposed in our daily operations.

Business Practices

We have grown to be a large company and realize that our impact on the environment increases as our company expands. To mitigate our negative effect, we have taken steps to reduce our burden on the environment. In addition to the recycling and reusing of office products that most businesses have undertaken, we have invested in an electric car that is used by our estimators and designers when they visit potential and existing clients. To support that, we have added solar panels on the roof our building to charge the vehicle and charge our equipment.

Our commitment to the environment extends to our business practices and our electric vehicle.

At Garden City Tree & Landscape, we know that our work directly affects the environment and we take that responsibility seriously with our sustainable approach to creating landscapes and managing our business. If you would like to learn more about how we work to protect the environment while creating beautiful landscapes, get in touch.