Are you looking for an affordable yet attractive retaining wall, planter wall, water feature, or any other system requiring a designer rock face?

One of the challenges we face when quoting any wall system is the cost of the material for that project.  The cost of materials can quickly add up and then there is the cost of machines and labour to install that system.

There are several options available!

1.  Redi Rock Wall Systems: Redi-Rock is an engineered retaining wall system with aesthetic appeal!  These massive blocks use their sheer  size to hold back the earth.  Each rock is  made of 4,000 PSI wet-cast, architectural grade concrete and weigh in at one ton each. These blocks are massive and durable, making them a great fit for projects that need to stand the test of time.

RediRock wall in Victoria, BC

2. Allan Block or Pisa One block wall system: Pisa One and Allan Block are competing styles of smaller lock block systems. Seen here is a completed Pisa One block wall system. Made of concrete, these walls will stand the test of time.

3. Standard concrete blocks: These precast concrete blocks are generally an inexpensive type of wall to build. The massive blocks (5’x2’x2’) are ideal for smaller retention projects but because of their weight, size, and the fact they are usually produced using concrete off cast (i.e. the blocks are rarely one consistent poor), these blocks are used where appropriate.

4. Pressure Treated Lumber: Pressure treated lumber is usually the last resort for retention. These walls typically provide you with 5-15 years of life which is dependent on the extent of water that comes in contact with the wood over its life. While the least inexpensive of the options listed, its limited life expectancy is a definite factor to consider when choosing a retention system.

5. Boulder Walls: Boulder walls are a relatively inexpensive way to build retention but the ability to use boulders will depend on access to the location (i.e. heavy equipment is necessary to build these walls) and the aesthetic quality of the finished product the client is expecting. These types of walls do not provide much in the way of aesthetics but for some, the cost factor outweighs concerns with aesthetics.