We see a lot of poorly done work that requires our expertise to do it correctly.  Here is the summary of another project in Saanich, B.C. involving another rebuilt of a paver walkway.

1. The beginning. The client purchased a town home several years ago and the infrastructure continues to be an issue.  We have already reworked the landscape and irrigation but now the paver walk is beginning to deteriorate.

2.    The problems. When we began excavation we soon discovered an assortment of hidden issues. It looks like any waste concrete from some other aspects of this house or adjoining construction was used as a base for these pavers.  We found lots and lots of concrete under the pavers. The base was inadequate.  We recommend 6-8″ of road base, more if the conditions require.  In this instance we found the deteriorating concrete and some sand.

We ripped up the old pathway, salvaged 95% of all materials and reconstructed a proper pathway.  We used Allan Block for the stairs as opposed to pavers on end which is what was there by the previous builder.  These stairs will last the test of time.  And we created two stairs instead of the one so the grade was much less of a hazard when wet or snow.

The end product was some flare, awesome steps and quality construction! Quality work!  Well done.