Permanent structures, including patios, driveways and walkways are commonly referred to as hardscapes.

What surface is adequate for your space?
Some of the options available for your patio, driveway and walkways include concrete, cement pavers, natural rock, crushed rock.

How do you decide what is right for you?
There is so many choices but how do you decide what is the choice for your space? We at Garden City have installed every type of hardscape surface available in our market and we bring that experience to you!

When determining what product works for your site here is a few factors we consider:
What is the area going to be used for?
How often is the area going to be used?
Are you considering a playing area for the children, a sitting patio area off of the kitchen, a pathway to the shed in the back?
What is your budget? Each product has a different price point and knowing your budget ahead of time saves so much time!

What is the look you are wanting?
New concrete, coloured pavers or crushed stone?
Have you seen any hardscapes you like? Can we see examples?

A properly installed hardscape feature will bring added value and enjoyment to your property for years to come. Call us today to help you get the most out of your outdoor space.