Patio planters are an excellent way to liven up your outdoor living space but where to start? Here is a few questions we like to ask when we meet to discuss your needs;

1. How often do you use the patio and for what purposes?

2. How much time are you willing to spend on the maintenance of the plantings?

3. Do you require any privacy on the patio?

4. Is there a water source to provide irrigation to the patio plantings?

5. Are you wanting the patio planting to produce food or herbs?

6. What is the budget for the patio planting? Providing your contractor with a budget doesn’t mean an open ticket to design. What is does mean is there is no wasted time and energy designing something that is completely unrealistic for the budget.

How can we help you with your decision making?

Garden City Tree and Landscape can custom tailor your patio plantings to match your unique environment. Imagine an array of spring blossoms bursting colour across your patio or herbs for dinner or both!  Contact us today to get started on your patio planter project.