We just finished a challenging but unique paver project with water feature. The project took place of Bear Mountain, Victoria, B.C.

1. The Challenge

The project is located in a confined back yard, accessible only by a 30 flight staircase. All materials and any waste had to come up and down the stairs. The crew worked for it!


2. The beginning.

We arrived to find a retaining wall with nothing behind it but waste soil. It looked like the original builder had intended to install a water feature but did not get it done. In addition to the water feature, the client requested a paver patio to surround the water feature, a sitting place to enjoy the surroundings.

Construction, day 1. Encountering the large boulder in the middle of our project.

3. The water feature.

What a nightmare to get this into the back yard! It weighed 800 pounds and nothing, short of a crane, was going to get it into the back yard! But wait, Garden City Tree and Landscape did it and we did not need a crane. We put sleepers on the stairs, rigged up a pulley device and we lowered the feature down the stairs.

4. The surprises.

Once the soil was excavated out we discovered that mother earth, i.e. a huge boulder, was preventing us from achieving proper grade. The solution? We rented a jackhammer and we broke up the rock purchased a large sewer pipe and we used that as a chute for some of the product. It certainly made it easier on the crew. Not much easier but as much as was available.

4. The end product.

As they say, a picture says a thousand words, simply awesome work crew!