In our urban jungles our children are constantly surrounded by concrete and asphalt.  Even in our playgrounds, children have a choice between plastic, rubber or metal. Let’s change that!


Recent studies have found children are overwhelmingly attracted to natural things and that is where we come in.   Using materials supplied by mother earth, we design and build natural playgrounds like no other, specifically tailored to the individual space and its surroundings.   We work with Parent Advisory Committees (PAC), Schoolboards and neighbourhood committees to provide a truly unique and enjoyable natural playground’.

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These photos show the new natural playground we designed and created at Prospect Lake Elementary School:

Garden City Tree & Landscaping designed and installed a natural play space at our school and we are delighted with the result!  The process was collaborative and fun and the design was even better than we had envisioned.   Teachers who are taking kindergarten/preschool and grade one/two students to the play space have reported an unexpected benefits.  In addition to providing a wide variety of play experiences, they tell us that there are fewer conflicts on the natural play space than in our other playgrounds.  Children are so hands-on and engaged in imaginative play, they are not squabbling about taking turns or arguing about the rules of a game.  It’s made supervising recess a pleasure for staff!
Penny Barner - Administrative Head, Selkirk Montessori School