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We deliver to all areas of Greater Victoria. Just let us know your address at the time of order and we will provide you with our delivery rate.

Our mulch is unique by how it is made. We use chipped tree waste comprised of only local plant material. Once this material is dumped at our yard, we grind and compost it for several months to allow it to obtain its dark, rich colour. Finally, we screen the product to remove larger  particles.

Our mulch has been tested by South Island Environmental and the Certificate of Analysis confirms our mulch meets or exceeds the guidelines set out by the Canadian Council of Ministers of the Environment. Not a lot, if any, competing companies have passed this rigorous testing!


We proudly offer the following blends: fine dark mulch, coarse mulch, and raw wood chips.

We have added kelp mulch to our products. Our kelp mulch is made by combining our awesome fine grind mulch with concentrated kelp followed by extended composting.   The result is a fortified mulch that provides superior nutrients removing the need for synthetic fertilizers.

At Garden City Tree & Landscape we want to make landscape solutions that are beautiful and functional while respecting the environment.

Uses for Mulch

The finished products are excellent in a variety of applications including:

  • flower beds,
  • garden beds,
  • as a soil amendment, and
  • as protection for critical root zone areas from construction activities.

Mulching in the Spring

Spring is an ideal time to prepare your garden beds with mulch. During the spring, mulch helps to nourish and protect your soil and keep the weeds down. It also helps retain moisture which is so important as we experience drier summers.

Another reason we recommend mulching in the spring is that it helps you take some control of your garden. Proper mulching can reduce the need to weed by as much as 75-85%!

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