With Our Changing Climate, Irrigation Systems in Victoria Are Only Getting More Important

As you may well know, irrigation is becoming more important in Victoria in recent years.  Our climate is changing.  With the summer months getting drier, the need for an irrigation system to keep your residential or commercial property healthy and functioning gets more important.  There are a few major reasons for this:

1.  It will ensure the look of your landscape.

Without proper irrigation your landscape starts to lose its luster.  We’ve all seen the brown lawns and droopy sad bushes around Victoria in our dry summers.  Your landscape simply won’t look good throughout the summer if it doesn’t have proper irrigation.  Victoria’s climate simply won’t allow it.

2. It will save you money.

Another reality of poor irrigation is that your plants will die.  It’s pretty obvious when you think about it.  Without proper watering you will have to replace your plants and pay more money to have them replaced and replanted.  Though it costs money to water them, it will cost more money to redo the landscaping work.

With the depth of experience at Garden City Tree and Landscape (over a century’s worth of experience) we can help you with any irrigation systems in and around Victoria.  We also alter, repair, and service existing systems.

Just give us a call (250)-385-4858 or write to us to get the irrigation system your landscape needs.  You won’t have to worry about us doing it properly or not … we guarantee and warranty everything we do.

Installing irrigation lines.