Years of landscape experience has allowed me the ability to visualize a completed landscape at the very outset and before any ground breaking. Part of my job is communicating that vision to the client. Problems can arise if a client or employees is having difficulties visualizing the finished product.

How do you ensure the finished landscape is exactly what you envision?

A solution is to have a professional landscape design of the project. A design can be as simple or as complicated as the project warrants but in each instance the same information is obtained;

A design created by a professional provides years of landscape experience.
There is no substitute for experience! A plant has specific sun/shade requirements and water requirements, while some are food for deer. Other plants may look great in the nursery but they will suffer or spread aggressively if their growing habits are not understood. A designer will also take into consideration your gardening skill level and the level of maintenance you desire. A seasoned designer will understand the need and requirements of the property before the digging begins.

A visual of the completed project so there is no surprises at the end:
A design will provide you with visual of the completed landscape before any work commences. In years past, the designs were one dimensional overhead blueprints, showing only an outline of what goes where. Today, and with the assistance of computer graphics, designs can provide you with a 3D image of the completed design so you can see what the end product will resemble. It’s an added tool for the client so any changes can be made before the project commences, thus saving costly overages.

A design= a scaled drawing;
The scaled drawing, combined with a 3D image, provides the necessary information for a skilled trade’s person to obtain accurate information on the job, including measurements, materials to be used, and quantity of materials. This information ensures any estimating is uniform, essential information if you are obtaining multiple bids on any aspects of the work.

A blueprint for all to work with.
More often than not, municipalities are requesting landscape designs be submitted before permits are issued for major projects. This allows the municipality the opportunity to see what the landscape will resemble before they approve the project. Each municipality has its own standards and your seasoned designer will take this into consideration when completing the layout.

A design is not only a clear vision of your ideas, it is also a blueprint to the success of your project!

Colin Eaton,