January 2017

You’ve probably heard it said that you should take everything in moderation … or you can get too much of a good thing. But mulch is one of those things (like chocolate) that is impossible to use too much of. It benefits your garden at every time of the year in a number of important ways.  Garden City Tree & Landscape Ltd is pleased to announce we now create our own blend of premium organic mulch to supply to all areas of Greater Victoria, including:  Oak Bay, Victoria, Saanich, View Royal, Esquimalt, Colwood, Langford, Metchosin.

Here is some tips for use of this awesome product;

Mulching in the Fall

In the fall, mulch protects and nourishes your soil, while also keeping the weeds down through the winter. Unless you love weeding in the spring and spending more money to feed your soil, mulching in the fall is a good idea.

Mulching in the Spring

Our Spring can come early so anytime between January-April is an ideal time to prepare your garden beds with organic mulch. During the Spring, mulch still helps to nourish and protect your soil and keep the weeds down. It also helps retain moisture which is so important with our drier summers.

Mulch also acts as a barrier between the soil and the airborne weed seed.  Instead of that weed seed hitting the soil and germinating, it lands on the mulch which is to organic to allow the seed to germinate.  So mulch really works to keep the weeds at bay.

Why Use Our Mulch?

Our mulch is produced using only organic tree mulch created from tree removal operations. There is absolutely no other bi-product like  construction debris that has been used by others in the creation of their ‘mulch’.  Our mulch is excellent for keeping weeds down, cutting down on watering time, feeding and protecting your soils from compaction and exposure, and improving your plants overall health.

Garden City Tree and Landscape Ltd is proud to supply organic mulch to all areas of Greater Victoria.  Give us a call @ 250-385-4858 to discuss your needs.