It is October on the west coast of Vancouver Island and the winter storm season is here in Victoria.  Our tree service crew is busy addressing the many calls that come in at this time of year.  Tree service calls range from a seasonal cleanup of a hedges, to pruning of an ornamental tree to removal of dangerous, diseased or damaged trees.

Victoria and other areas of southern Vancouver island, can experience severe winter storms, which can include high winds that regularly approach 90-100km/hr.  High winds wreak havoc with trees including snapping branches, breaking trunks or causing entire trees to uproot.  When the ground becomes saturated during our ‘wet’ coast winters, the root system of trees are not as anchored as when the ground is dry and hard. Sadly, it is not unusual to see trees, 20-100 years old, suddenly uprooted with the combination of wet ground and strong winds.

Our certified arborists can ensure that your trees are trimmed to protect them from the windy weather.

How can you take precautions with your trees to ensure they are as safe as possible for the coming winter season?  Have a one of our qualified arborists inspect your trees. They will consider such concerns as:

  • During that inspection they will inspect the canopy of the tree for obvious signs of broken or damaged branches that should be removed,
  • Additionally, the visual inspection will have a look at the overall health of the tree. Is there significant die back or does it appear healthy?
  • Is there a significant canopy that can be reduced to allow the wind to pass thru the tree as opposed to absorbing the full force of the wind? Reducing the canopy could be as simple as removing a few branches or as extensive as a spiral pruning of the tree which looks to remove portions of the canopy to allow winds to pass thru.

A qualified arborist may not be required each year, but your trees are your liability.  You have to take reasonable steps to ensure your trees are not a hazard for any surrounding properties or anyone that enters your property.  By having a certified arborist inspect and clear your trees, you have taken a crucial step towards ensuring the safety of all concerned.