If you looked at two landscaping projects side by side, one by a ‘DIYer’ and one by professional landscapers, you could easily tell them apart.  Though it may not initially be clear why … the key is in the details and design.  Having the right design, one done by a professional landscape designer, makes the difference. Garden City has a team of in-house designers that provide professional designs for every project we work on. This design is essential because it:

  • ensures you receive your vision of the landscape,
  • ensures control of cost.
  • can be used to obtain competitive estimates.
  • ensures that competitive estimates are based on the same parameters.

Good Design Ensures Cost and Satisfaction

Every project begins with ideas and planning.  The design is how we ensure that the finished job is what you want it to be.  This way you won’t be surprised by how it looks or how much it costs.  The plan sets out a clear vision of your ideas, put together by our qualified designer.  It also lets us control the work and guarantee everything we do.  A company like ours has put together thousands of designs.  There’s no replacement for experience like that.

All of our work is guaranteed and warrantied.

When your landscape is designed properly you can see what you are going to get.  This is why we guarantee and warranty everything we do. To get your project designed and finished Call us (250-385-4858) or write to us to set up a consultation.

“I greatly appreciate the results of your work. In addition, the promptness, and follow through as promised in all aspects of the job was excellent.”
A. Stedman