Landscape construction is a physically demanding trade day in and day out, i.e. there is no easy days!  The daily physical stress can aggravate mental stress and a stressed out employee is considerably less efficient than an employee that is happy in their job.  So how does an employer create a supportive environment for its workers to flourish? One answer, culture!

Culture starts from the top and begins with defining the values you expect your team to follow. These values form the foundation of your organization and they should be clearly defined in the employee’s job agreement.  Here is an example of the values we define in our organization:

  • Respect for individuals: Everyone deserves to be respected, whether an employee, trade, supplier or client.  Disagreements will naturally occur but the ability to deal in a respectful manner is key to healthy interaction.
  • Personal accountability: If you say you are going to do something, back that up with action!  Nothing is worse than empty promises.
  • Quality Work: Take pride in your work and it will show in the product.  Cutting corners will always catch up with you.
  • Safe Work Environment: Safety is everyone’s responsibility and that responsibility must be ingrained into your staff thru training and follow up.  If safety is ignored or not taken seriously, there must be consequence for such behaviour.
  • Peer Support: Every employee must know that his or her concerns & questions matter.  I expect all of my employees to take the time to answer any questions or concerns brought up a co-worker. This feeling of support is crucial to building confidence in each other.
  • Client Experience: Every employee must recognize the importance of the environment created at every job site.  A client must feel heard, supported and respected.

Each business will have its own set of values that set the tone for how you want your employees to behave within your organization.  By making these values clear at the outset of hiring there is no excuses later if an employee is not following the culture of the organization.