Why Use A Proactive Service?

In today’s world the Commercial Property Owner’s liability exposure is greatly enhanced during winter months. It is not enough to react after ice has formed on your parking lot or sidewalks and created slippery and dangerous conditions. With the increase in lawsuits related to slip and falls, insurers are demanding higher levels of maintenance when it comes to removing ice and snow from commercial properties.

Garden City Snow & Anti Ice Services Ltd provides a proactive approach to safety.

We provide 24 hr weather monitoring. If weather is expected to drop below 2 degrees Celsius, we activate to apply anti ice products to your property to address the hazards that may arise. We also provide snow push and snow removal services with a fleet of 8 plow trucks, 2 skidsteers, a UTV plow and 2 walk behind snow clearers,

We ensure all work on your property is tracked and recorded so there is a clear timeline of the required maintenance of your property during these winter conditions. This ensures you are fully protected from liability.

We fill up quickly, so contact us today for your consultation.

For those rare times when it snows in Victoria, BC we can help you out with snow removal.