Commercial Irrigation Applications

Commercial irrigation is a cost-effective means to preserve and support the landscape surrounding schools, commercial buildings, apartment complexes, playing fields and golf courses. These institutional irrigation systems provide the means to keep the landscape, fields and greens in top form for curb appeal and sports.

1.  Keep your Plants Healthy and Weeds at Bay

Irrigation systems can deliver water to the plants’ roots which will deter the growth of weeds. They will also ensure the nutrient balance in soil which again supports the growth and healthiness of your plants.

2. The Cost Benefit of Commercial Irrigation

Another reality of poor irrigation is that your plants will die and weeds will grow.  Without proper watering you will have to replace your plants and pay more money to have them replaced and replanted.  Irrigation systems can solve this by watering in zones based on the plants in each zone. They can also be tied to the weather so that your irrigation system is augmenting the natural rainfall, but competing with it.

With the depth of experience at Victoria Garden City Tree and Landscape (over a century’s worth of experience) we can help you with any irrigation systems in and around Victoria.  We also alter, repair, and service existing systems.

Just give us a call (250)-385-4858 or write to us to get the irrigation system your landscape needs.  You won’t have to worry about us doing it properly or not … we guarantee and warranty everything we do.

Another view of the completed project.Commercial irrigation provides the means to keep plants and trees healthy while deterring the growth of weeds. Commercial irrigation is important because without it your landscape starts to lose its luster.