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Irrigation! A Must!

Irrigating, with today’s new technology, simply better!

Irrigation has come a long way in a short period of time. Here are six solid reasons why you should consider a professionally installed irrigation system or upgrading your existing system;

Unless you like getting up at 6am several times a week, for 9 months a year, to hand […]

Let’s talk Retaining Walls

I have seen quite the variety of retaining walls throughout the Greater Victoria area, some good, some very bad. 

What is a retaining wall?

Retaining walls are usually created when there is a desire to manage or hold back soils or other hardscape materials. A retaining wall can be anywhere from 6” to in excess of 60’ […]

In the Design Phase, is experience essential?

When I first started my landscape career approximately 15 years ago I was of the belief that all aspects of landscape design was simply a matter of research and site evaluation. Now with years of experience and thousands of hours of hands on working with the land, I am here to tell you that experience […]

Choosing a Contractor

Your Landscape is in need of help but where to start?
Choosing a landscape contractor can be downright scary. You want a company that is reputable, experienced and reliable but where do you start? Here are a few tips to help you when choosing the right contractor for your needs;

How long have they been working in […]

The Essentials of Landscape Design

Are you thinking about a new layout for your landscape but just don’t know where to start? The process of redesigning or creating a new landscaping can be daunting but there are a few simple steps that will make it easier for you.

A) Identify usage of the space. […]

The Essentials of Landscape Construction

The essentials of landscape construction;
A landscape construction project can include residential or commercial properties. The process for each is relatively the same;
A) Start with hiring a professional
Sounds easy enough but there is plenty of businesses that promote themselves as landscape construction experts with little landscape experience. Here are some questions you can ask to ensure […]

The Landscape Design Process, step by step!

Taking you step by step through the design process.
A) The Meet and Greet!
The first step in any sized project is the first meeting between the landscaping company and the property owner. This informal meet and greet is an opportunity for the customer to explain what they are looking for, bounce preliminary ideas off of […]

The process of landscape Construction, step by step.

Taking you step by step through the landscape construction process

You have no doubt read my article ‘taking you step by step through the design process’, you have approved a plan but now what? The construction process! You are ready to have the work estimated by a contractor. First you have to choose the landscape construction […]

Quail Rock Vineyard Bed and Breakfast is open! C.Saanich, B.C. June/13

Garden City Tree and Landscape Ltd. is excited to let you know that the Quail Rock B&B on the Saanich Peninsula is now open for business. Garden City Tree and Landscape Ltd has just completed the landscaping surrounding this property. The landscaping was a 1.5 year project and the end results are simply amazing. This […]

Landscaping, so much more than aesthetics!

Landscaping, so much more than looking aesthetics!
Another winter season is on its way out. Spring! That fresh start to the season that reminds me year after year why I chose to be a ‘landscaper’. But what is a ‘landscaper’? I recently read one definition that said, ‘someone who arranges features […]

Autumn Gardening Tips

With September here and fall just around the corner it is time to start preparing
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the soil for the year to come. Below are some tips to ensure a healthy and productive garden for the coming year.
Begin by digging in dead or diseased plantings.
The dead […]

Spring Lawn Care

With the warmer weather approaching it is time to start the process of getting your lawn in shape for summer. Spring clean up is an annual ritual for many homeowners. The amount of work you have to do will of course depend on how vigilant you were in your fall lawn care.
The first step to getting started with your spring cleaning will involve surveying the area. Take a walk around your yard from one end to the other in order to take a mental note of what exactly needs to be done.
After a long winter, no matter how good you were during the fall clean up, most yards will have a fair bit of work still to do. In order to prepare the ground for summer and to ensure a healthy lawn, begin removing debris and other garbage.
Some of the things you’ll want to do in your first walk-about is to pick up any debris including garbage, branches and other out of place objects. Alongside this you may also want to inspect your trees, shrubs and lawn in order to assess if there are any major problem areas to be dealt with. […]

Tips for Paving your Patio Area

When it comes to deciding on a paver patio, where do you start.
Here is some important steps to consider when deciding on a paver patio;
1. In order to make the most of your outdoor space and to ensure your paving is flawless, take the time to do a little ground work before paving. This will involve making sure you have a stable
foundation to lay the paving. Begin by digging down below the surface. A good six to ten inches should suffice, depending on the thickness of the paver you are using.
2. Because weeds can spring up even between pavers, you may want to lay down a barrier beforehand. When we construct a paver patio or walkway, we do not put down a barrier because we have already dug down approximately 10″ in order to put in a proper base. Even with a barrier, however, weeds can sometimes get the better of your best laid plans, so may also want to consider using a soil additive.
3. The foundation is really crucial when it comes to paver patios. As such, you’ll need
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to make sure you pack the soil underneath. This will help to ensure a smooth surface and will thereby mean less loosening and cracking of the pavers. Repacking the base is also vital. After each tier, sand and gravel and other materials, you’ll have to repack. […]

Organic Lawn Maintenance

There are many reasons why it pays to do away with harsh chemical fertilizers and learn how to maintain your lawn using organic processes. Lawns that utilize chemical sprays, weed killers and other pesticides may look inviting, but can actually be dangerous for the health and safety of humans, animals, insects and the planet.
In order […]

How to Make the Most of Landscape Lighting

One thing that few homeowners think about, but that can make a huge difference to the beauty and feel of your outdoor space, is landscape lighting. Choosing the right kind of landscape lighting can have an enormous impact on how you use your space. Moreover, landscape lighting can help to improve the safety and security […]