I am regularly asked if we can relocate a tree or large plant. Sometimes it is possible and sometimes it is not. These are some of the more popular reasons for moving a large plant:

  • It was originally planted too close to the building and its location is now an issue.
  • It was not planted It was not planted in the right spot on the property i.e. a sun-loving plant is in the shade.
  • Construction on the property requires the removal of the plant.
  • You are relocating and want to move a plant with you.

While saving a plant is a noble thought, several questions should be asked before you consider whether the move is ‘worth it’;

What type of species is the plant and what chance does it have at surviving?
Some species, once established, will have a difficult time recouping after a transplant while other species transplant with ease. No warranty can be provided on any major transplant so if the plant has little chance of surviving then you are taking a chance and the cost should be weighed.

How long has the species been in place?
Most plants can be moved with relative ease if they have been in the ground for less than 1-2 years.  Longer than that and it will have begun to establish itself. The longer a plant has established itself, the less chance of a successful transplant.

What is the makeup of the ground where the plant is situated?
Sometimes heavy clay soils or rocky soils will add significantly to the time and energy to move a plant. If a plant has grown around a shallow boulder, that plant may have little to no salvageable root mass.

What does the access to the plant look like?
A big plant can weigh thousands of pounds and equipment is absolutely necessary.

What is the total cost, labour and equipment, to move a plant?
Labour and heavy machinery can add up quickly.

What experience does the contractor have in moving large plants?
There is a trick to it and experience is vital!

Saving a beautiful plant is always favorable but sometimes it is simply impossible. Ask an expert so you will know what to expect before the excavation begins.