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Tips to Starting a Vegetable Garden

Nowadays, it makes more sense than ever to start your own garden. Many people who have never gardened much before are beginning to see the sense in growing their own vegetables, herbs and even fruits. With grocery bills being what they are, especially when buying only organic produce, it makes good financial sense to start […]

How to Make the Most of Landscape Lighting

One thing that few homeowners think about, but that can make a huge difference to the beauty and feel of your outdoor space, is landscape lighting. Choosing the right kind of landscape lighting can have an enormous impact on how you use your space. Moreover, landscape lighting can help to improve the safety and security […]

show the soil some love

After what has seemed like a long, wet winter, we finally have evidence that spring is here.  I find this time of year to be incredibly magical as new life begins to pop up everywhere.  But what triggers all this magic and how can you ensure your flower beds have a healthy start to the

What makes the soil healthy?

After a long, wet winter Spring is always such a joy. I find this time of year to be incredibly magical as new life begins to pop up everywhere. But what triggers all this magic and how can you ensure your flower beds have a healthy start to the new season?

It is important to understand […]

April out, May in

What a year for landscaping. A rainy start to our year. I have been landscaping in Greater Victoria for over ten years now and I have never seen a rainy start like this one. El Nino it is! I have certainly learned moving forward that an El nino year is one to be planned for. […]

Mulch Madness


You’ve probably heard it said that you should take everything in moderation … or you can get too much of a good thing. But mulch is one of those things (like chocolate) that is impossible to use too much of. It benefits your garden at every time of the year in a number of important […]

Landscaping. It is easy!

One of the comments we hear at Garden City Tree and Landscape Ltd. from prospective clients considering a new landscape is how overwhelming and daunting they find the project to be. Whether it is a new property, a property that has been let go, or just a messy corner of your back yard it is […]

Composting 101

Garden City Tree and Landscape Ltd is committed to improving the health of your landscape. Beauty and function are extremely important, but they both follow health. The single most effective way to increase the health of your landscape is to have a working compost. Kitchen waste, grass clippings, leaves, last years perennials that have been […]

Landscaping Staging

What is Landscape Staging?

Landscape staging is preparing the home’s landscape in preparation for the sale of the home. Who is our client? We work for the home seller, the Realtor listing the home or for a home staging company hired by the seller/Realtor. Garden City Tree and Landscape Ltd. has been specializing in landscape staging […]

A chemical reaction in your lawn?

What happens in a lawn maintained with synthetic fertilizers? Well, for one the naturally occurring micro organisms in the soil will be thrown all out of whack. Synthetics are usually a concentrated dose of a few types of nutrient and that concentrated dose will be highly beneficial to certain organisms in the soil. So this […]