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Landscape Staging, Victoria, B.C.

A couple of weeks ago I published some photos of an overgrown property on Arbutus Road here is beautiful Victoria, B.C. After tackling the brushing that was necessary so we could see the property, we then set about recreating the front of this property so it would show its best for a future sale. What […]

Major Lawn Makeover, Arbutus Road, Victoria BC

So you thought your lawn was a bit overgrown, well check out this lawn makeover.

When we first attended to view the lawn, we could only access half the area because the grass was to high to allow access! It had not been cut in years. Our crew, under the direction of team leader April, tackled this […]

Victoria, B.C. Landscape Construction Project.

June/13. Another quality project has just wrapped up on Lyman Duff, Victoria, B.C. The client had an underwhelming front yard and they approached us with a few ideas they had. With those ideas we put together a plan:

A) A beautiful bluestone patio, B) The patio was surrounded with a custom planting layout, C) […]

Aspen Road, Malahat, B.C.

June/13. This week the crew is busy tearing up a concrete patio and making way for a new deck for this incredible property. We brought in our mini excavator with rock breaker to make short work of the existing patio. Equipment speeds up the process and time is money! The new deck will be […]

Victoria, B.C. Tree/Arbor Service June/13

Another day of tree work for the crew of Garden City Tree and Landscape Ltd. Proudly serving Greater Victoria, B.C., our tree crew works hard to provide quality service day in and day out. Here is what they accomplished today; Job #1, Petworth Drive; Thin and prune a huge Lilac. Job #2,

Pipeline Road; […]

Quail Rock Vineyard Bed and Breakfast is open! C.Saanich, B.C. June/13

Garden City Tree and Landscape Ltd. is excited to let you know that the Quail Rock B&B on the Saanich Peninsula is now open for business. Garden City Tree and Landscape Ltd has just completed the landscaping surrounding this property. The landscaping was a 1.5 year project and the end results are simply amazing. This […]

Francis King Park, Construction Makeover.

Garden City Tree and Landscape continues with the work at the Francis King Park Nature House, Victoria, B.C. Garden City Tree and Landscape is completing the project for the Capital Regional District. The construction will ensure the long term health of the Nature House so families can enjoy this area for years to come. […]

Walmart Sidewalk Reconstruction, Langford, B.C.

Garden City Tree and Landscape Ltd has just finished a new layout of the sidewalk for the Walmart store, Langford, B.C. The Garden section of the store is busy and those customers spill out onto a section of sidewalk that does not transition to the parking lot. Customers are faced with the curb when their […]

Landscaping, so much more than aesthetics!

Landscaping, so much more than looking aesthetics!
Another winter season is on its way out. Spring! That fresh start to the season that reminds me year after year why I chose to be a ‘landscaper’. But what is a ‘landscaper’? I recently read one definition that said, ‘someone who arranges features […]

Autumn Gardening Tips

With September here and fall just around the corner it is time to start preparing
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the soil for the year to come. Below are some tips to ensure a healthy and productive garden for the coming year.
Begin by digging in dead or diseased plantings.
The dead […]

Mulch when you mow the lawn, don’t bag!

Back in the May/13 issue of the SeaSide Times I wrote about the benefits of mulch for your flower beds. In this post I want to touch on the importance of mulch for your lawns.

For many homeowners the weekend lawn routine consists of mowing the lawn as close to the ground as possible as they […]

Spring Lawn Care

With the warmer weather approaching it is time to start the process of getting your lawn in shape for summer. Spring clean up is an annual ritual for many homeowners. The amount of work you have to do will of course depend on how vigilant you were in your fall lawn care.
The first step to getting started with your spring cleaning will involve surveying the area. Take a walk around your yard from one end to the other in order to take a mental note of what exactly needs to be done.
After a long winter, no matter how good you were during the fall clean up, most yards will have a fair bit of work still to do. In order to prepare the ground for summer and to ensure a healthy lawn, begin removing debris and other garbage.
Some of the things you’ll want to do in your first walk-about is to pick up any debris including garbage, branches and other out of place objects. Alongside this you may also want to inspect your trees, shrubs and lawn in order to assess if there are any major problem areas to be dealt with. […]

Tips for Paving your Patio Area

When it comes to deciding on a paver patio, where do you start.
Here is some important steps to consider when deciding on a paver patio;
1. In order to make the most of your outdoor space and to ensure your paving is flawless, take the time to do a little ground work before paving. This will involve making sure you have a stable
foundation to lay the paving. Begin by digging down below the surface. A good six to ten inches should suffice, depending on the thickness of the paver you are using.
2. Because weeds can spring up even between pavers, you may want to lay down a barrier beforehand. When we construct a paver patio or walkway, we do not put down a barrier because we have already dug down approximately 10″ in order to put in a proper base. Even with a barrier, however, weeds can sometimes get the better of your best laid plans, so may also want to consider using a soil additive.
3. The foundation is really crucial when it comes to paver patios. As such, you’ll need
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to make sure you pack the soil underneath. This will help to ensure a smooth surface and will thereby mean less loosening and cracking of the pavers. Repacking the base is also vital. After each tier, sand and gravel and other materials, you’ll have to repack. […]

Environmentally Friendly Yard Care

When it comes to yard care, all too many people rely on unnatural practices and products that tend to harm rather than help the environment. The fact of the matter is however that you can have a beautiful and productive yard and garden without sacrificing eco-friendly principles.
The tips below will enable you to save money, time and the planet as well as helping to keep your family and neighborhood wildlife safe. Choosing to alter a few basic practices of lawn and garden maintenance will go a long way.
For starters, you can dramatically improve the quality of your soil by starting to compost. If you aren’t composting already, this is probably one of the most important things you can do.
Composting is a great way to save money and to improve the productivity of your garden. Simply begin by collecting any vegetable waste in your kitchen in a bucket and then remove it to a compost heap or bin. […]

Organic Lawn Maintenance

There are many reasons why it pays to do away with harsh chemical fertilizers and learn how to maintain your lawn using organic processes. Lawns that utilize chemical sprays, weed killers and other pesticides may look inviting, but can actually be dangerous for the health and safety of humans, animals, insects and the planet.
In order […]