An Assortment of Products Available:

Paver patio stones come in all shapes and sizes as well as in an assortment

of materials. The majority of paver stone we see in our day to day operations is concrete pavers, probably because of the range of product available in this material. In addition to concrete, paver stones can be natural stone or composite.

This article will focus on the maintenance associated with a concrete paver.

How to clean and refurbish your pavers?

I have attached a photograph of a common situation we face when we attend a property.







Above we see a paver patio covered in dirt and moss, something common on the west coast. We also see alot of these patios covered in weed growth. Some may be thinking the complete patio has to be removed and replaced but WAIT, restoring this patio is easier than you think!

1. Power Washing

The first step is a thorough power washing of the patio. We recommend a gas powered power washer because of the cleaning ability of such a machine. Be prepared to spend some time cleaning the dirty pavers. To give you an idea of the time involved, this small section pictured (approximately 20’x20′) can take as much as 6-8 hours to power wash. Be sure to regularly remove the excess dirt and moss with a shovel or it may find its way into your drains and then you will have more problems than just a dirty patio!


Also be aware of the dirt kicked up when you are power washing! Nothing is worse than completing a nice cleaning job on the patio and then discovering all of that dirt is now covering your patio furniture and your house. Control where you are spraying the power washing!

New Sand Application

Now that the paver are clean, the next step to ensure their long term longevity is to reapply the sand that goes between the paver. This sand is the bond that holds the brick in place. Without it, all of the pavers have room to move a few millimeters. That movement will eventually cause the complete patio to break down. For most paver projects we apply play sand which is available at most hardware stores. On occasion and for specific applications only, we apply a polymeric sand. Polymeric sand is a unique mixture of polymers binders and calibrated sand. It becomes firm on application, locking between paver joints. This bond maintains pavers securely in place. We tend to use polymeric sand only where specified by the manufacturer or if we have sloped paver construction. Once applied, polymeric sand is permanent.


In the photo attached we show the application of play sand as it is being placed using a broom.

Finished product;

Once cleaned with the new sand in place, you have a new paver patio! A fraction of the cost of ripping up and starting over again! Enjoy your ‘New Patio”!

Colin Eaton, Garden City Tree and Landscape, Victoria, B.C., April/14