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The Importance of Landscape Design By Colin Eaton You don’t want cheap, you want cost effective! I always recommend the services of our designer whenever I am introduced to a large or complicated landscape project.  The completion of a landscape design is like the blueprint for a house.  It provides invaluable information such as: A [...]

Years of landscape experience has allowed me the ability to visualize a completed landscape at the very outset and before any ground breaking.  Part of my job is communicating that vision to the client.  Problems can arise if a client or employees is having difficulties visualizing the finished product. How do you ensure the finished [...]

  The definition of a weed is ‘a plant considered undesirable in a particular situation, i.e. a plant in the wrong place.’   Many methods of controlling weeds have been developed over the last century.  Pesticides were a popular method among some gardeners for almost a generation. .  Fortunately, as the public becomes more educated, they [...]

Winter is here, and while Victoria enjoys a far milder winter than the rest of the country, it is not without its hardships. High winds and heavy rains can lead to limb, root and even stem failures in our urban forest. Thankfully, a little preventative pruning goes a long way to maintain the health of [...]

            Have you ever wondered why your fruit tree used to provide a hearty, quality crop and now it doesn’t? Well there’s a reason for the saying “ the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree”. A healthy tree will produce a healthy crop, while a neglected tree will, well you get the idea. Fruit [...]

I am regularly asked if we can relocate a tree or large plant. Sometimes it is possible and sometimes it is not. These are some of the more popular reasons for moving a large plant: It was originally planted too close to the building and its location is now an issue. It was not planted [...]

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We see alot of poorly done work that requires our expertise to do it correctly.  Here is the summary of another project in Saanich, B.C. involving another rebuilt of a paver walkway. 1. The beginning. The client purchased a town home several years ago and the infrastructure continues to be an issue.  We have already [...]

We just finished a challenging but unique paver project with water feature. The project took place of Bear Mountain, Victoria, B.C. 1. The Challenge The project is located in a confined back yard, accessible only by a 30 flight staircase. All materials and any waste had to come up and down the stairs. The crew [...]

How to install a paver patio? STEP #1, The base. A proper base is the most important component of the project. Without a proper foundation you risk the possibility of settling. Remember, the pavers on top of the base can weight thousands of pounds so there is an incredible amount of weight that needs to [...]